Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Logo, Same Professional and Compassionate Company

Florida crime scene cleanup company Accident Cleaners and Restoration, formerly known as Accident Cleaners Inc., has updated its logo, but the reasoning behind the change wasn’t purely cosmetic.

The new logo was inspired by the symbol commonly associated with firefighting, a profession well known to co-founder Dan Pinkston. Pinkston started his career as a firefighter 23 years ago and is still an active firefighter.  In addition, several members of the property remediation team have backgrounds in the firefighter or EMS fields.

Crystal Pinkston, who co-founded the company with husband Dan, said the Accident Cleaners team not only relies on their medical expertise to get the job done properly, but they also know how to compassionately deal with families experiencing a traumatic situation.

“Our new logo is a symbol of the building block of our company,” Crystal said. “Our foundation allows us to successfully assist families with compassionate care during a difficult time. The history of service that is associated with our company, as well as the honor and service our team displays on a daily basis, is really what makes us stand apart. Our logo signifies our belief that we can restore hearts and homes while maintaining the highest standard of honesty, integrity and privacy for the families we serve.”

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